Saturday, December 20, 2008


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Kyle Turris is getting more comfortable in Phoenix, on and off the ice.

On the ice, Turris is less afraid of making mistakes than he was a few months ago and the 19-year-old’s confidence is growing with each mistake he doesn’t make.

On Thursday night he provided all the offense the Coyotes needed in a 2-1 victory over the Nashville Predators. It was the first two-goal game of his short NHL career.

I asked Turris why he’s suddenly playing with more confidence.

“At the beginning of the year, I was scared to screw up because I was on the fourth line and I wasn’t playing much and I didn’t want to hurt the team,” Turris said after Thursday’s game. “But I’ve kind of changed the way I look at things. I’ve changed it so that I know I am going to screw up from time to time and that’s OK, I’ve just got to limit those and learn from them. Now if I screw up, I go back to the bench ... and when I come back out for my next shift I’m not even thinking about it.”

I asked Turris if any of the veterans on the team have gone out of their way to help him cope during the low points of his rookie season. He said Shane Doan and Steven Reinprecht have been big helps.

Regarding Reinprecht, Turris said: “He brings me up when I’m down. If I miss on a shootout, or if I’m doing terrible on face-offs, he’s always there to say ‘Hey, just forget about it and just work harder next time and bear down.' He’s always there.”

Off the ice, Turris just moved into his first home with his name on the deed.

“It’s been pretty cool,” Turris said. “I’ve learned so much about mortgage rates and fees and stuff that I wasn’t expecting to learn until my late twenties.”

Turris’ parents have been helping him get settled into his new place. They even brought his dog, Cooper, down from British Columbia to add an extra touch of home. It's working. Turris is loving life. Just wait until he gets that first electric bill in July…

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