Thursday, July 23, 2009


I know this isn't Express related, but it's certainly BCHL related and that is the Calgary Flames have signed forward Kris Chucko.

He and teammate Travis Zajac were first round draft picks out of Salmon Arm in 2004. Zajac was drafted 20th overall by New Jersey. While Chucko went 4 picks later to Calgary.

With that being the case, I guess it was a little inevitable that the two would always be tied together in how their progress was tracked en route to the NHL.

Chucko has only played in 2 NHL games without registering a point. But he finished 2nd on the Quad City Flames in goals with 28, and third in points with 51 in his 2nd professional season last year.

Compare that to Zajac, who signed a multi year contract extension with the Devils yesterday after a career best 20 goal and 62 point season. His 3rd with New Jersey.

You compare the numbers its obvious that Zajac has the edge, but you always have to keep in the back of your mind that some players take longer to develop and Chucko appears to fall into that category. This signing of Chucko by Calgary shows that they haven't given up on their 04 first round pick.

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