Saturday, August 8, 2009


I was able to spend some time this past week checking out some of the events at the World Police Fire games and I can't help but think about how great of an event it was.

I was able to catch lots of hockey of course, some boxing, and flag football.

First off, I would like to take a moment tip my cap in respect for the quality of athletes that participated in each event. Their profession requires many of the participants to be in good condition to succeed at their every day jobs when at times they risk their lives to keep the public safe each day.

That commitment also motivated these athletes to take their training to another level so they can compete at their best when the games got underway.

The ones who benefited from these athletes hard work and commitment is the people who took the time to attend an event. The fans who attended were provided with great entertainment every day.

Like I said, I got to see some great hockey. I also checked flag football. But the event that really blew me away was boxing. It took place at the home of the Express the Bill Copeland Sports Centre. It was my first time ever seeing boxing fights live. I was truly entertained by the great fights the two nights I attended. Now that I've seen boxing live in person. Even at this level at the WPFG, it shows just how TV just doesn't do it justice about how entertaining it can be.

Bill Copeland was rocking each night for the fights. The fans were loud and the energy was great. I only wish the barn would rock like that when the Express hit the ice.

Speaking of the fans, members of Fire and Police personnel were every where cheering on their fellow countrymen or other members of their department. That made for a great thing to witness in person. Whether I was at 8 rinks watching hockey for a game between a squad from the Calgary Fire Department and the Russian Police. I was standing in the corner of the rink and was surrounded by Russians cheering on their team. Chanting, clapping, making all kinds of noise. At the Boxing, it was great to see a fighter from New York having a cheering section chanting N-Y-P-D. Or a fighter from Ireland taking on a member of the RCMP, that made for a great atmosphere of supporters of Ireland standing, chanting and clapping. I felt like I was at a soccer game in Europe. In the meantime the supporters from the RCMP had their own cheering section which was just as loud chanting R-C-M-P. It's hard to truly describe how great of a thing that was to witness in words. Experiencing it in person was truly phenomenal.

I'm sure if you attended any event at the WPFG this week, I'm sure you noticed how well the community got out to support this event. Parking lots were jammed. No matter where I went at least there were plenty of spectators. I'm sure there were somewhere between 200 and 300 people out to watch a Flag Football semi final game Friday between the BC Fire Department and the Calgary Fire Department.

Now that this event is winding down, the athletes are slowly starting to trickle their way out of our fabulous city to return home where ever it may be on the globe. I'm sure they have been left with an impression of the city. And now that they go back home to return to the line of duty, they have left an impression on me and I would like to say thank you for providing great entertainment. And thank you for everything you do every day to keep the public safe.


peppers said...

Excellent games!!!

Kyle said...

The gold medal hockey final between Burnaby Fire and RCMP Coast to coast was phenomenal. Every seat was sat in and 2-3 deep on the rails around the rink. I loved the energy the whole day.