Friday, May 27, 2011


As we all know now the Vancouver Canucks will play the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup.

This series has plenty of great story lines entering it. You have the Canucks of course who are seeking their first holy grail since they entered the NHL in 1970. Their opponent has a drought that is almost as long as the Canucks as the Bruins are seeking their first cup since they defeated the Rangers in 1972.

One of those story lines that will get plenty of coverage throughout the series will be of Bruins star Milan Lucic who played with the Express in the 04-05 season and is a Vancouver native.

I can tell you from my perspective as someone who grew up a diehard Canuck fan that my allegiances without a doubt are pulling for the Canucks. As far as i'm concerned, Luuch is part of the enemy during this series. I personally don't care one bit about the fact that he is a former Express. It is a great story that he will get a chance to play for the cup. But when the Canucks are involved, that's where I draw the line.

I've been a Canucks supporter long before the Express were even a dream and that certainly doesn't change now that they will play for the cup up against someone I watched play as a 16 year old on Poirier Steet. And to me the Canuck colors bleed much deeper than Express colors.

Sorry Milan, I would certainly be pulling for you if you were playing for the cup against any other team.


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