Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Personally, part of the vision I had for this blog was for it to be a place to be a one stop shop for Express records, stats and some other historical information for the franchise. I personally believe it is important to have some form of a record of every single game the Express have ever played in regular season and playoffs.

Ever since I've been the broadcaster for the Express dating back to their 4th season in the league in 04-05 I've been keeping track of the Express head to head record vs. every team in the BCHL among other information.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I've spent a number of hours looking up the results of every single regular season and playoff game the Express have played in their first 3 seasons in the BCHL starting with the 01-02 season right on through to the 03-04 campaign.

Our public address announcer Brendan Batchelor told me about this website and I've been able to look up the Coquitlam Express website from years gone by and look up old Express scores. I also was able to use other sources the Coquitlam Now newspaper archives, the BCHL website among others to do my best to gather information on old Express games played.

Now that I've been able to tabulate this information, plus the records I've maintained over the years as the broadcaster of the Express, I would like to work on create an even more detailed Express record book. I will now be able to figure out what the Express all time record is vs. every team in the BCHL. Plus I can also work on having information on this blog of other Express records, most shots on goal in a game, most goals in a game etc. I think you get the idea where I'm going.

I won't be posting it anytime soon. I would like to wait until the current season to come to an end then take all the information I have gathered and hopefully have something posted some time after the season comes to an end.

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