Friday, May 2, 2014


Photo courtesy of Todd Pederson:
The time has come for the Coquitlam Express to remember they are champions.

They're coming off losses in their last two games and will play Spruce Grove (AJHL) to try and earn the 2nd spot at the RBC Cup here at the WCC.

Now is the time to wipe the slate clean from the last two games. Learn the lessons from those games and make the necesscary tweaks, and come to the rink Saturday afternoon remembering that this team earned the right to carry the title of champion. Champion is a word that is thrown around quite a bit, but it takes something special to earn the right to be called a champion.

Remember everything this team did right to get to this point and be playing in May. There's over 100 Junior A hockey teams in this country that would love to still be playing.

It's time to get the swagger back in your step when you walk around and come to the rink when you are a champion.

The Express face elimination for the first time in this post season game in Saturday's match up vs. the Saints, but it's how the opportunity is embraced that will determine how the Express will go forward.

There isn't a team in hockey that has gone on a long playoff run that hasn't suffered a few tough losses and a seed of doubt has crept in. Many championship teams have had their mettle tested and found ways to come together and rally when facing elimination. That time has come for the 2014 Coquitlam Express.

Practice hard today like a champion, get your necessary rest, and come to the rink Saturday ready to play like the champions you are.

The Express have a two game series to accomplish their goal when entering the Western Canada Cup and that's earn a berth in the RBC Cup in Vernon.

It starts with one good shift, then that turns into two good shifts, then 3 shifts, then suddenly it's a good period. Repeat the process and it's two good periods. Repeat the process again and suddenly it's a solid 60 minutes of hockey. Do that and play to the best of your ability and there's no reason why these champions can't come away victorious. And then repeat the process Sunday afternoon.

Now is the time to create some special memories about this weekend coming up in Dauphin.

Roll train. 

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