Saturday, November 15, 2008


Sad news out of Express camp. Team Doctor Scott Morrison recently suffered a heart attack.

Scotty, you're in all our thoughts and prayers and hope you make a quick recovery and we want to see you back at the rink soon.

For everyone, who visits this site, please take the time to leave a comment on this posting and wish Scott a speedy recovery.


Paul said...

Get well Scott.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scotty,

Just wanted to say im praying for you and i wish u a safe and fast recovery.

All the best,

Ilya Kravtchouk

Anonymous said...

Hey dr. scotty mo hope your doing better and wish you a speedy recovery.

Carlo Finucci

Anonymous said...

Scotty hope you get better soon, so we can see your smiling face around the rink.


Bayzer said...

Missin u around the rink already, I was shocked to hear the news. I hope ur feelin better and u get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scotty,
I'll be praying for you and I hope you have a fast recovery.
Jordan Soquila

Anonymous said...

Dr. scotty, said a prayer for you. all the boys from burnaby are a little shocked, and we all care for you. get your ticker up and running. hope tp see you soon my friend

rocket man

Flip said...

Hopefully just a little hic-cup that a little "adjustment" will solve. See at the rink.

Anonymous said...

the boys and i are all thinking about you buddy i hope your doing better and heres to a quick recovery
take care
Reid Edmondson

Anonymous said...

Scotty, you'll be missed well your gone, praying for you

Gaven Hohl

Anonymous said...

Hey Scotty

prayin for you, wish you a safe and quick recovery. all the boys are thinkin about you. get better

Simon Denis

Lee Baldwin said...

Dr.Scotty Mo! shocked to hear the news i hope the nurses are hot and takin care of you good get better soon eh! Baldy

Anonymous said...

Dr Scotty Mo
Shocked to hear the news
I hope you get well quick
and have a speedy recovery!
see you at the rink again soon.

Bill Reimer

Gord said...

Scotty, get well soon, we are all parying for you.


gmoney007 said...

Get Well soon Dad Love you lots, Speedy recovery, the guys need you at the rink. Love you lots,

Graeme Morrison

Anonymous said...

Hey champ, I hope your boy dusty p got your spirits up with his AL MVP win. Take it easy and get back and help the boys, all I can picture is a meat head like Petey Merth breaking backs in there.

- Gordo

Anonymous said...

hey Scotty,

Best wishes for you during your recovery and I hope to here your back at the rink and doing well.

Keith Seabrook