Friday, January 23, 2009


For those who are wondering, I have figured out what Surrey's magic number in relation to eliminating the Express from the playoffs.

According to my calculations, the number is 12. Any combination of Eagles wins and Expess losses adding up to 12 will officially knock the Express out of the race for a Coastal Conference playoff spot.

Heading into this weekend's action, Burnaby has 34 points through 47 games. Surrey has 48 points in 45 games this season.

This weekend, Burnaby hosts Powell River tonight and Trail Sunday afternoon.

Trail will visit Surrey Saturday and Powell River will visit Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I believe the magic number is 7: any combination of Surrey wins and Express regulation time losses totalling 7 and Express are out. With 7 losses they would only have a chance of getting 10 points out of 5 remaining games and they wouldn't catch Surrey. I think you're safe saying 7

Anonymous said...

most points Burnaby can get now is 60; 34 points now - 26 avail if they ran the table. once surrey exceeds 60 points, they will have it, but there's a grey area with ot points; therefore with 62 points, they can't be caught (or 61 but that gets even more complicated); was easier without the 1 point for ot loss; 7 wins by Surrey or a combo of wins and regulation losses by Burnaby = 7, and the Express are out.