Sunday, July 18, 2010


(Taken from San Antonio Rampage website)

SARAMPAGE.COM caught up with Kyle Turris for a question and answer session ...

How are you staying busy during your off-season?
I've been working out every day, eating as much as I can and hanging out with my friends and family.

Are you fully recovered from the injury you suffered during the last game of the season?
I am 100% recovered from the injury. I haven't felt any soreness or pain whatsoever and I've been back on the ice and everything. Both shoulders feel exactly the same!

What is your focus going into Coyotes training camp?
My focus going into camp is going to be to prove that I can play at that level, show that I’ve grown as a player and make the team!

What were you able to take away from spending a year developing in the AHL?
I worked on all the little things last year, face offs, protecting the puck, defending, my skating. Ray helped me a ton and I feel like I have improved in all those areas.

Knowing that you’re a big cheesecake fan, what’s your favorite type?
There are so many good types of cheesecake, cookie dough, raspberry, strawberry, Oreo, all are great but sometimes just the basic New York style is the best!

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