Monday, July 19, 2010


Express alum and Calgary Flames prospect Keith Seabrook has dreams of doing what his older brother Brent did this year. Play for and win the Stanley cup. Keith has had quite a first hand view of quite a magical season for his older brother.

Earlier this year, Keith was on the east coast when he caught a red eye flight back home to Vancouver in time for the Olympic gold medal game to watch his brother help Team Canada defeat the United States 3-2 in overtime.

Then when Brent returned to the Hawks, his magical season continued when he helped the Blackhawks win their first Stanley cup in 49 years with a 4-2 series win over the Philadelphia Flyers.

As a Stanley cup champ, one of the perks is to have it for a day to do what you please. Brent took it to the local fire hall, police station, hospital and a high school. But one of the memorable events may have been the roller hockey game that Brent played for the cup in a best of 7 of games that saw the first team to reach 5 goals win.

But there was one notable absence from the game, and that was younger brother Keith. He decided to decline to play as to not jinx his chances of winning the silver chalice one day himself.

"I invited him to play but he doesn't want to jinx it," Brent said. "He wants to keep an open slate so he can look forward to winning it for real one day. I'm sure, deep down, he's pumped I won the Cup, but he's also gunning for it in another way. I can respect that."

Here's the highlights from the roller hockey game.

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